Junior Logistic Operator

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Royal Ingredients Group in the Netherlands ( is part of the Baywa organization and a global supplier/distributor of ingredients for food, feed and industrial applications. With its head office in the Netherlands and offices in the  U.S.A., Mexico, India, China, and Brazil the company is active on a global scale with a strong focus on starches, sweeteners, proteins, fibers, grains and seeds.

The corporate culture is informal when possible and strict when necessary. Very direct communication with each other, without “nonsense”. We are therefore looking for candidates with a hands-on mentality who feel good in a small team with great ambitions. This means actively thinking along and working in a result-oriented way on the (international) growth of the company. In addition, you must be stress resistant. The working conditions are competitive.

Because of the current rapid growth in the Chinese market and in the coming years, Royal Ingredients Group B.V. is looking for an:


Job description

The following duties and responsibilities apply to the vacancy:

  • After a broad induction period, independently be the link between customers/suppliers in China and the head office in The Netherlands
  • Arranging local and global transportation.
  • Preparing export/import documents.
  • Close contact with Chinese forwarders and customs
  • All further logistic related activities.
  • Based in the Qingdao office.

Job requirements:

  • University thinking and working level. Preferably some experience in an international commercial environment (export – import / logistics).
  • Personal characteristics: strong pioneering spirit, guts, creative, commercial, communicative, no-nonsense..
  • Excellent communication skills (written/verbal).
  • Chinese and English language (written/verbal).

Please send your job application letter and work experience in English to:

All responses are kept strictly confidential.

Chinese version


荷兰皇家配料集团有限公司 (隶属于Baywa公司,是食品、饲料和工业应用配料的全球供应商/分销商。公司总部设在荷兰,在美国、墨西哥、印度、中国、尼日利亚和哥伦比亚设有办事处,在全球范围内积极开展业务,主要专注于淀粉、甜味剂、蛋白质、纤维、谷物和种子。







  • 在经过入职期后,独立的成为中国客户/供应商和荷兰总部之间的纽带
  • 安排本地和全球货运
  • 准备出口/进口单据
  • 与中国货代和海关保持密切联系
  • 所有跟单相关工作
  • 驻青岛办事处



  • 大学本科学历、有工作经验。有国际商业环境(进出口/跟单)经验者优先。
  • 个人特点:具有较强的开拓精神,有胆识、创造性、商业头脑,善于沟通,简单直接
  • 优秀的沟通能力(书面/口头)
  • 熟练的中文和英文表达能力(书面/口头)